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  • Airline Cooling Systems

    Portable airline cooling systems ideal for use with standard pressure filtration panels, breathing air compressors and ambient air pumps to cool the breathing air while passing through the coil. Increase user comfort and worker productivity with hood-style respirators and low-pressure airline Type-C masks  

  • Airline Filtration and CO Monitors

    Ideal for removing contaminants and checking the concentration of oxygen and carbon monoxide in compressed air supplies. Capable of withstanding pressures up to 160 psi. Available in widths ranging between 6 and 16.5 inches  

  • Breathing Air Cylinder Carts

    Includes a wide range of air cylinder carts, cart frames, straps, street elbows, nuts, manifold brackets and clips, check valves, male adapters, hex nipples and vents ideal for use with air cylinders carrying oxygen

  • Cascade Airline Kits and Manifolds

    Used in reducing high-pressure airflow through respirators using a series of tee and flexible pigtail connectors

  • Fit Testing

    Includes a wide range of Bitrex fit test kits, saccharin fit test kits, smoke test kits, testing hoods, nebulisers, pipettes, tubings, and sensitivity and fit test solutions

  • Full Face Respirators

    Allegro full face respirators are designed for use in tub restoration and spray painting applications to supply safe and breathable air. These respirators are constructed with silicone rubber for preventing shape deformation, even under extreme high & low temperatures. Allegro full face respirators feature an anti-scratch & anti-fog polycarbonate lens for a distortion-free view and a removable hairnet fitted under the hard hat to provide extra comfort. These units further come equipped with a deep chin pocket and a double sealing flange that are hypoallergenic and ozone resistant, and 1/4 inch OBAC quick-connect plug to reduce airflow restriction. Choose from a wide variety of these full face respirators, available in universal size on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Allegro distributor.

  • PAPR

    Designed to fulfil the requirements of combined respiratory, eye and face protection. Feature a motorised, lithium-ion battery operated system which provides a constant supply of fresh, filtered air over the userís face

  • PAPR Accessories

    Include various PAPR replacement parts, such as lens, gas filters, tubes, belts and blowers in different materials and sizes

  • PAPR and Supplied Air Hoods and Helmets

    Includes NIOSH-approved lightweight air hoods and helmets featuring anti-fog polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch coating to ensure a distortion-free vision

  • Respirator Accessories

    Contain various respirator replacement parts that can be used to replace worn-out parts of the breathing apparatus

  • Respiratory Airline Hoses

    Manufactured from heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride and additionally strengthened with braided polyester yarn. Can operate under a temperature range of -20 to 150 degrees F. Equipped with brass Hansen quick-connect couplers rated at a maximum pressure of 185 PSI @ 70 degrees F

  • Respiratory Cleaning Kits and Wipes

    Includes a wide range of half-ounce water-soluble cleaner packets, air bulbs, brushes, packs of 100 sterile storage bags & seals, and large 17-quart two-sided buckets. Used to store and maintain full-face and half-mask respirators

  • Respiratory Equipment Storage

    Includes a wide range of respiratory equipment storage and carry bags in a variety of colours, dimensions and materials. Used to protect respirators from harsh industrial conditions

  • Supplied Air Accessories

    Used with air respirators and include couplers, plugs, gauges, regulators, filters, connectors and other replacement parts

  • Supplied Air Compressors and Ambient Air Pumps

    Lightweight pumps used to meet portable air requirements in painting, cleaning, chemical handling and similar applications. Available in a variety of flow rates and operating pressure ranges

  • Supplied Air Pump Packages

    Includes full-mask portable air systems in one, two and three full-mask supplied air respirator options

  • Supplied Air Respirators

    NIOSH-approved air respirators with "over-the-shoulder" hose design. Offer low pressure and continuous flow protection and feature a low-profile design that can fit under welding shields

Confined Space Equipment

  • Air Powered Confined Space Fans and Blowers

    Confined space centrifugal blowers / jet fans suitable for circulating air and removing volatile fumes from vessels, small spaces, tanks. Available in 1/4 and 2 hp variants

  • Confined Space Fan and Blower Accessories

    Include a variety of standard and explosion-proof motors, fans, connectors, ducting products, adapters and other accessories used with Allegro fans and blowers

  • Confined Space Ventilation Duct Accessories

    Used with blowers and ducting in manhole applications and include connectors, ducts, adapters / reducers and storage bags. Available in a variety of colours and materials

  • Confined Space Ventilation Ducting

    Ideal for use with confined space blowers and fans for effective removal of harmful air contaminants. Available in different materials, diameters and lengths

  • Confined Space Venturi Blowers

    Pneumatic blowers used to extract fumes or other harmful vapours, or to ventilate spaces in laboratories, refineries and chemical / steel industries.

  • Electric Confined Space Fans and Blowers

    High-quality Allegro confined space blowers and fans for effective removal of smoke and harmful fumes. Feature a tough metal housing and come in different current and power ratings

  • Manhole Cover Lifters

    Provide safe removal of manhole covers with reduced manual stress and back pain. Feature 2-position lifting points to easily break or loosen the most stubborn manhole covers with diameters ranging up to 36 inches

  • Manhole Guard Rail Winches

    High-tensile, heavy-gauge aluminum winches used to raise and lower equipment in confined spaces. Feature a winch bar equipped with a 3-inch drum for faster recovery and two independent ratchet systems with a double-disc automatic brake for load control and security

  • Manhole Guard Rails

    Made of strong, one-inch tubular 0.078 gauge steel; feature a yellow powder coating for a durable finish and high visibility. Simple one-piece construction provides easy, no-tool assembly. Equipped with locks and two hooking chains for protected entry and exit

  • Manhole Shelters and Umbrellas

    Water-resistant, flame-retardant and UV-treated nylon manhole shelters equipped with a 360-degree reflective striping. Feature two floor-to-floor fibre poles to set-up the umbrella either from the inside or outside



  • Back Supports

    Black / green supports designed for restricting the range of motion to ensure proper positioning of the body and provide protection against injury and back strain. Available in elastic, nylon, polypropylene and spandex construction options with sizes ranging from S to XL  

  • Protective Elbow and Knee Pads

    Made of high-quality, heat-resistant leather and feature an elastic strap that maintains a secure fit. Available in a variety of colours and pad materials

  • Wrist Supports and Wraps

    Offer a comfort fit for prolonged use and added support when lifting or using powered / hand tools. Feature neoprene construction with a hook & loop closure for a custom fit. Can be worn on either hand

Disposable and Chemical Resistant Clothing

Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment

Identification Products

Fire Protection

  • Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

    Wall-mounted cases made of high-impact, corrosion-resistant ABS ideal for protecting fire extinguishers from dust and other contaminants. Have a load capacity of up to 30 lb

HVAC and Refrigeration

Specialty Heaters

  • Confined Space Heaters

    1500-watt CSA-approved confined-space tent heaters designed to raise the temperature in a work tent. Feature heavy-duty steel housing with enclosed heating elements for use in rugged environments

Gas Heaters and Accessories


Fume Extractors and Accessories

Welding Helmets and Welding Protection

  • Welding Helmet Accessories

    Includes hard hat adapters and magnifier lens intended for use with welding shields integrated with a built-in magnifier lens holder. Available in four different magnification strengths: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5

  • Welding Helmets

    Deluxe / economy helmets, with a large design, to cover the safety glasses worn underneath. Feature Dupont nylon construction which can withstand extreme heat and cold without cracking or warping. Also, covers neck, ears and back of the head to prevent arc burns

Material Handling



Replacement Parts


Dust Mops Dusters and Cleaning Pads

Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Test Instruments

Indoor Air Quality



Motor Supplies


Sump Effluent and Sewage Pumps

  • Utility/Dewatering Pumps

    Portable and submersible pumps used in manholes, vaults, construction site drainage and effluent transfer. Ideal for use in continuous discharging operations

Hand Tools

Tool Storage and Transfer Tanks

Lab Supplies

Allegro Industries is a leading manufacturer of Venturi blowers and offers a variety of confined space safety products, such as respirators, fans, pumps, air sources and SAR welding systems. Allegro Air Source Equipment catalogue comprises high-performance ambient air pumps, breathing cold air systems, air compressors, sludge pumps and utility / dewatering pumps. The brand's ambient air pumps provide clean, breathable air. These rotary vane air pumps do not require internal lubrication, hence eliminating the need for carbon monoxide monitoring systems. Allegro knee pads feature soft and abrasion resistant cushioning pads to protect knees of the welders. These knee pads are designed for any construction applications including floor or concrete working. These pads have button and loop / hook and loop / pull on / quick release buckle closure type for secure gripping.
The brand also provides a varied range of confined space blowers that can deliver both positive and negative airflows and are perfect for ventilation and extraction. These high-output Allegro axial fans feature a stackable design that saves workspace area. These axial fans feature a moulded-in carry handle for easy portability and bottom enclosure for safety of electrical components. They are available in axial explosion proof and axial high output variants with a maximum operating voltage of 220 volts.