ALLEGRO SAFETY Protective Elbow And Knee Pads

Made of high-quality, heat-resistant leather and feature an elastic strap that maintains a secure fit. Available in a variety of colours and pad materials


Knee Pads

Allegro knee pads are heavy-duty, heat-resistant leather which wraps over the top and down the back of the pad, offering greater security from flying sparks. They feature soft cushioning which ensures superior comfort and elastic straps to maintain a protected fit with the quick release buckle. These knee pads provide resistance against heat and are suitable for welders or any development application like cement or ground surface work. Choose from a range of these Allegro knee pads, available in flexible, soft, hard shell, nonmarring and non-marking styles.

StyleModelStrap LengthClosure TypeColorStrap WidthStyleWidthHeightItemPrice (inc. GST)
A6984-Elastic StrapBlack, Blue, White-Rigid Shell--Knee Pads SGD 68.31
B7103-02-Hook and LoopBlack-Flexible--Knee Pads SGD 40.99
C7103-04-Hook and LoopBlack, White-Non-Marking--Knee Pads SGD 51.58
B7103-GEL-Hook and LoopBlue-Soft--Knee Pads SGD 51.58
D7103-Hook and LoopBlack1 1/2"Flexible--Knee Pads SGD 40.43
E6989-------Disposable Knee Pad SGD 11.71
F7105-Pull OnBlack-Soft5 1/2"8"Knee Pads SGD 22.31
G7103-Q-Quick Release BuckleBlue-Flexible--Knee Pads SGD 45.17
H69991"Hook and LoopBlue1 1/2"Flexible9 1/4"10"Knee Pads SGD 27.88
I71049 1/2"Hook and LoopBlack1 1/2"Hard Shell6 1/2"9 1/4"Elbow Pads SGD 31.51
J6991-01Q10 1/2"Quick Release BuckleTan, White1 1/2"Soft9"11"Knee Pads SGD 71.10
K699010 1/2"Quick Release BuckleBlack1 1/2"Flexible10.5"13 1/4"Knee Pads SGD 60.23
L710211 1/2"Hook and LoopBlack1 1/2"Hard Shell8"11"Knee Pads SGD 36.25
M7102-Q11 1/2"Quick Release BuckleBlack1 1/2"Hard Shell8 3/4"11"Knee Pads SGD 43.22
N699111"Hook and LoopBrown1 1/2"Soft8 1/2"10"Knee Pads SGD 43.22
O699811"Hook and LoopNavy Blue1 1/2"Soft7"10"Knee Pads SGD 27.88
P7103-0111"Hook and LoopBlue, Tan1 1/2"Non-Marking9 1/2"10 1/2"Knee Pads SGD 43.22
Q698512 3/4"Hook and LoopBlack4 3/4"Flexible7 3/4"9 1/2"Knee Pads SGD 60.23
R6987-GEL13"Button and LoopBlue1 1/2"Flexible9 1/2"10"Knee Pads SGD 66.64
S698713"Button and LoopBlue, Black1 1/2"Flexible9 1/2"10"Knee Pads SGD 53.82
T7102-GEL14"Hook and LoopBlue1 1/2"Hard Shell6 3/4"9 3/4"Knee Pads SGD 49.63
U6986-GEL15"Hook and LoopBlack2"Flexible6 1/4"8"Knee Pads SGD 83.93
V710017"Hook and LoopBlue1 1/2"Soft5 1/2"7"Knee Pads SGD 25.93
W7100-0217"Hook and LoopBlack-Soft5 1/2"7"Knee Pads SGD 27.88
X710122"Hook and LoopBlue1"Hard Shell5"6 1/2"Knee Pads SGD 23.70

FlexKnee Kneepads

Allegro FlexKnee kneepads protect from injuries that might occur due to manual repetitive motions. These kneepads feature lightweight poly construction, ribbed across the knee, for easy flexing and maximum comfort. The kneeling surface is grooved for non-slip stability and features a Silica gel pad insert to cushion the knee cap for maximum protection & comfort. They come with easy to adjust rubber straps for a custom fit.

StyleModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
A6988-02Replacement Button SGD 7.69
A6988-03Replacement Hinge Pin SGD 4.29
B6988-04Replacement Strap SGD 17.29

Replacement Pad, 2 Per Pack

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
6988-05AG8EZV SGD 14.13

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