ALLEGRO SAFETY Supplied Air Compressors And Ambient Air Pumps

Lightweight pumps used to meet portable air requirements in painting, cleaning, chemical handling and similar applications. Available in a variety of flow rates and operating pressure ranges


Ambient Air Pumps

Allegro ambient air pumps are rotary vane, oil-less compressors designed for transferring fresh air for applications like spray foaming, painting and finishing. They are provided with a firm metal base & housing with powder coating, offering scratch resistance. They have a quick-connect rectus air fitting to connect the hose to the outlet and a brass pressure relief valve for air delivery adjustment. These UL recognised pumps are capable of withstanding working pressure up to 15 psi and can easily work in a temperature range of 32 - 104 degrees F. Choose from a wide range of these air pumps, available in 8.25 and 23.5 inch lengths.

StyleModelPressure RangeCFMCouplersSound LevelVoltageWidthCurrent DrawnFlow RatePrice (inc. GST)
A9806-E-------- SGD 1952.69
B9900-45---90 dB-3 1/2"-0 to 1 lpm SGD 2540.48
C9806 OBAC0 to 10 psi0 to 5 CFM3/8" OBAC-115V AC-5.5A- SGD 2459.71
D9806 HANSEN0 to 10 psi0 to 5 CFM3/8" Hansen-115V AC-9A- SGD 2459.71
D9821 W/ 3/8 HANSEN0 to 15 psi0 to 10 CFM3/8" Hansen-115V AC-8.3A- SGD 4087.43
E9832 OBAC0 to 15 psi0 to 20 CFM3/8" OBAC-115V AC-16A- SGD 7721.29
D9821 IND. INTERCHANG0 to 15 psi0 to 10 CFM1/2" Industrial Interchange-115V AC-8.3A- SGD 4087.43
F9821 OBAC0 to 15 psi0 to 10 CFM3/8" OBAC-115V AC-8.3A- SGD 4087.43
D9832 W/HANS0N0 to 15 psi0 to 20 CFM3/8" Hansen-115V AC-16A- SGD 7721.29
G98062 to 12 psi---115/ 230V AC9"-- SGD 1978.90
H98502 to 12 psi--95 dB-9 1/2"-0 to 20 CFM SGD 5911.05
StyleModelFlow RateMotor RPMPump TypeVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A9832-E0 to 18 CFM1425 RPMOil-Less, Rotary Vane, Direct Driven220V AC SGD 5833.26
A98320 to 20 CFM1725 RPMOil-Less, Rotary Vane115/ 230V AC SGD 5574.50

Diaphragm Sampling Pumps

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A9805 SGD 613.69
A9805-88 SGD 551.08
StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A9801 SGD 693.74
A9801-88 SGD 646.06
StyleModelMotor RPMPrice (inc. GST)
A98211725 RPM SGD 2510.64
A9821-E1725/ 1425 RPM SGD 2510.64
StyleModelMotor CurrentMotor Enclosure DesignMotor RPMVoltagePrice (inc. GST)
A9833-E8.4ATotally Enclosed Fan Cooled1425 RPM110/ 220V AC SGD 7368.25
A983316/ 8AXPFC1725 RPM115/ 230V AC SGD 7679.15

Stand, Sampling Pump

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
9804-08AG8GAK SGD 78.35

Air Driven Air Pump, 0 To 15 PSI Schrader

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
9850 W/1/4 SCHRADERAF4YZN SGD 8475.44

Six Worker Pump Guard/Shroud, Pump

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
9842-91AG8GDB SGD 154.48
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