HVAC and Refrigeration


HVAC and Refrigeration Filter

Air Cleaner Accessories

Charcoal filters and HEPA filter kits designed for use with compatible air purifiers (available separately). Fight particulates, mold and bacteria with an air purifier and control atmospheric moisture with dependable dehumidifier and humidifier units

Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioners

Split System Air Handler With Heat Pump, 12000 BTUH, 208/230VAC
Item: CH6PHU
Model: FPHFC12A3B
SGD 3,750.74 /unit (inc. GST)
Split System Condenser With Heat Pump, 12000 BTUH, 208/230VAC
Item: CH6PHV
Model: FPHFD12A3A
SGD 4,046.00 /unit (inc. GST)
Split System Condenser With Heat Pump, 208/230VAC, 2500W Heating
Item: CH6PHW
Model: FPHFD18A3A
SGD 4,401.04 /unit (inc. GST)
Split System Air Handler With Heat Pump, 9000 BTUH, 208/230VAC
Item: CH6PHX
Model: FPHFW09A3B
SGD 1,970.50 /unit (inc. GST)
Split System Air Handler With Heat Pump, 18000 BTUH, 208/230VAC
Item: CH6PHY
Model: FPHFW18A3B
SGD 4,541.92 /unit (inc. GST)
Split System Air Handler With Heat Pump, 23500 BTUH, 208/230VAC
Item: CH6PHZ
Model: FPHFW24A3B
SGD 3,092.73 /unit (inc. GST)

Condensate Drain Pans

Drain Pan, 8 Inch Width
Item: CH6RXG
Model: VPDP2
SGD 285.83 /unit (inc. GST)

Ductless Split System Accessories

Includes ceiling cassette grills, digital wall mounted controllers and low wind baffle ambient kits used in installation of various ductless / mini split AC systems

Ceiling Cassette Grill, 7/8 Inch Height, 27-9/16 Inch Width
Item: AG2PRL
Model: DCG1218
SGD 567.75 /unit (inc. GST)
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Cassette Grille, Steel, White
Item: CH6PHQ
Model: FPCG182436
SGD 1,299.10 /unit (inc. GST)
Wall Controller

Wall Controller

Item: CH6PJG
Model: FPWC1
SGD 794.06 /unit (inc. GST)

Ductless Split Systems A/C and Heat Pumps

ENERGY STAR rated cassette system and split system heat pumps and split ACs for houses, offices and other light commercial units. Less prone to air leakage and require only a small wall-drilled hole for installation. Offered in a broad range of mounting options and BtuH ratings

Split System Heat Pump 11200/13300 BtuH
Item: AG9WZE
Model: MW12Y3J
SGD 2,326.16 /unit (inc. GST)
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Single Zone Split System With Heat Pump, 9000 BTUH, 115VAC
Item: CH6PJA
Model: FPHW091A
SGD 4,899.56 /unit (inc. GST)
Single Zone Split System With Heat Pump, 9000 BTUH, 208/230VAC, Wall Mount
Item: CH6PJB
Model: FPHW093A
SGD 5,339.64 /unit (inc. GST)
Single Zone Split System With Heat Pump, 12000 BTUH, 115VAC
Item: CH6PJC
Model: FPHW121A
SGD 4,533.05 /unit (inc. GST)
Single Zone Split System With Heat Pump, 18000 BTUH, 208/230VAC, Wall Mount
Item: CH6PJD
Model: FPHW183A
SGD 7,566.88 /unit (inc. GST)
Single Zone Split System With Heat Pump, 23500 BTUH, 208/230VAC
Item: CH6PJE
Model: FPHW243A
SGD 8,833.43 /unit (inc. GST)
Single Zone Split System With Heat Pump, 36000 BTUH, 208/230VAC
Item: CH6PJF
Model: FPHW363B
SGD 14,498.35 /unit (inc. GST)

Hazardous Location Air Conditioners

Designed for cool living quarters, storage areas and other enclosures situated in hazardous locations where flammable liquids or gases are handled. Feature hermetically sealed overload protection for arc-free operation and powder-coated steel cabinet for resistance against corrosion

Line Voltage Thermostats

Wired Thermostat, 24VDC, 5 11/16 Inch x 7 9/16 Inch x 2 1/8 Inch Size
Item: CH6RKA
Model: RT7
SGD 316.70 /unit (inc. GST)

Office and Residential Dehumidifiers

Office Dehumidifier, 16.2 Pt Bucket Capacity, 600W, R-410A Refrigerant
Item: CH6NUX
Model: D35B1A
SGD 1,413.90 /unit (inc. GST)
Office Dehumidifier, 16.2 Pt Bucket Capacity, Built In Drain Pump, 115VAC, 900W
Item: CH6NUY
Model: D50B1A
SGD 2,061.83 /unit (inc. GST)

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners PTAC

Feature separate heating and cooling units offering a maximum heating and cooling of 17500 and 14500 BtuH, respectively. Ideal for hotel rooms and apartments

Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps PTHP

Self-contained units featuring instant heating mode, dual motor design with solid insulated inner wall and separate heating & cooling ranges. Available in 6-20P, 6-30P and 7-20P NEMA plug configurations

Portable Air Conditioners

Self-evaporating condensate systems featuring dual-hose design for 40% faster cooling (required 11600 Btuh) and 3 fans with a maximum air flow rate of 235 cfm. Have rolling casters for easy movement and are ideal for offices, dorms and computer rooms

Portable Air Conditioner, 14000 BTU Cooling Capacity
Item: CE6MYL
Model: ZHP14DA
SGD 3,387.28 /unit (inc. GST)
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Portable Air Conditioner, 1042W, 115VAC, R32 Refrigerant
Item: CH6TAB
Model: ZCP12DB
SGD 3,879.08 /unit (inc. GST)

PTAC and PTHP Accessories

Includes wall / wired thermostats, drain pans, grilles and wall sleeves / plenums are required for installation and maintenance of PTAC and PTHP units

Standard Grille Anodized Silver
Item: AB3XVJ
Model: PXGA
SGD 147.81 /unit (inc. GST)
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  • Architectural Grille
  • Architectural Grille
  • Architectural Grille
  • Architectural Grille+4
Item (7)
Condensate Drain Kit - Pack of 10
Item: AB3XVL
Model: PXDR10
SGD 373.14 /unit (inc. GST)
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Insulated Wall Sleeve, 16 Inch Height, 42 Inch Width
Item: AB3XVM
SGD 320.00 /unit (inc. GST)
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Decorative Non Powered Subbase, 43 inch Width, 6 Inch Depth
Item: AB3XVP
Model: PXSBA
SGD 277.79 /unit (inc. GST)
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Conduit Kit With Junction Box, 9 Inch Height, 9 Inch Width
Item: AB3XVQ
Model: PXCJA
SGD 130.92 /unit (inc. GST)
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Wall Plenum

Wall Plenum

Item (2)
Air Grill / Access Panel, 29 Inch Width, 58 Inch Height
Item: AC2CPE
Model: VPRG4
SGD 774.84 /unit (inc. GST)
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Powered Subbases

Powered Subbases

Item (4)
  • Optional Cord
  • Optional Cord

Optional Cord

Item (2)
Remote Thermostat Escutcheon Kit, 10 Pc
Item: AE8KWD
SGD 120.17 /unit (inc. GST)
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Window and Wall Air Conditioners

Commercial-grade wall- / window-mounted air conditioners that use an R-410A refrigerant for better air quality and reduced electric bills. Models featuring 2-in-1 cooling and heating options, and 7-day programmable fan motors also available

Window Air Conditioner, 23000 BTU Cooling Capacity, 1500 sq. ft.
Item: CE6MYG
Model: CEW24B33A
SGD 4,668.55 /unit (inc. GST)
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About Friedrich

Friedrich Air Conditioning manufactures an extensive range of air conditioners and heating / cooling products for hotels, hospitals and senior housing facilities. The company's product line includes various window / through-the-wall / portable / split ductless air conditioners, heat pumps, dehumidifiers and air cleaners. The brand's packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) are self-contained units with compressors for both heating & cooling through reversible cycles. The modular design of these air conditioners ensures easy access to key components. They feature two permanently lubricated fan motors for quiet operation and tangential blower wheels for powerful, fast & even air distribution. Choose from a wide range of split system air conditioners and heat pumps on Raptor Supplies.