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Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Automotive Mechanical

  • Brake Tools

    Includes a wide range of brake service tools designed to assist in servicing drum brakes on vehicles. Include wheel hub kits, replacement pads, brake bleeders, brake pad gauges, master cylinder auto fillers and disc park brake calliper tool kits

  • Car Dollies

    Designed to move FWD vehicles after removing drive train. Feature an adjustable threaded lift saddle with rubber pads and 5-inch polypropylene casters. Can handle a maximum load of 1800 lb

  • Drive Train Tools

    Help in servicing timing belts / timing chains and head gaskets to ensure accurate cam timings. Include cam tool kits, axle installers, master cam tool sets and supporting bars

  • Engine Specialty Tools

    Includes OTC Tools belt tension gauges, master harmonic balancer installers and various sleeve removal plates in different bore sizes

  • Exhaust Tools

    Includes sensor wrenches with flexible head design for removing stubborn or damaged O2 sensors, and hanger pliers to remove rubber exhaust system hangers

  • Fuel Systems Tools

    Mainly designed for application in fuel system repair and maintenance tasks. Include fuel injector cleaner kits, oxygen sensor sockets, propane enrichment kits and fuel line disconnect tool sets

  • Heating and Cooling Tools

    High-performance 4 CFM vacuum pumps designed for use with A/C systems using HFCs, HCFCs and CFCs. Feature die cast aluminium housing, offset rotary vanes, an integral check valve, an Iso-Valve and a polycarbonate durable base

  • Oil Filter Wrenches

    Designed for removal of spin-on oil filters in automotive maintenance, transportation and manufacturing applications. Selected models feature an adjustable design with heavy-duty jaws for maximum grip

  • Suspension Tools

    Includes rear suspension bushing tools, ball joint service kits, hub clamp expander kits, tie rod wrenches and related accessories necessary for a complete service of vehicle suspension bushings

Automotive Lifting/Garage Equipment

  • Brake Drum Dolly

    Designed to install, remove or transport bulky truck brake drums and hub assemblies. Come equipped with pneumatic rear tyres, a ratcheting jack with a 14-inch vertical lift, a fold-down handle and an on-board lube tray and toolbox

  • King Pin Pusher

    Ideal for removal of kingpins from cars, trucks & constructional vehicles. Five collars & two pins for quickly removing both straight and tapered kingpins and special adapter for removing brake anchor pins

  • Oil Filter Crusher

    Suitable for crushing oil filters in automotive maintenance and recycling operations. Selected models feature a large crushing chamber for handling up to 4 filters simultaneously. Available in air operated and electric / hydraulic variants

Automotive Lifting Tools

  • Engine Stands

    High-quality OTC engine stands used to hold heavy diesel or gasoline engines mid-air for repair and maintenance jobs. Fuel tank handlers also available

  • Service Jacks

    Includes heavy-duty air lift jacks and stands, and hydraulic service jacks with wheels for easy transportation. Can easily lift up to 10-ton load and offered in different handle materials and lengths

  • Transmission Jacks

    Suitable for lifting engine / transaxle assemblies, electric bus batteries, drive axle assemblies and gas tanks. Include low-lift transmission jacks and power train lifts having maximum lifting capacities of 2200 and 2500 lbs, respectively

  • Vehicle Stands

    Heavy-duty adjustable stands with a steel base to hold loads (such as vehicles, steel rolls and heavy pipes) up to 20 tons at an elevated position. Can provide lifting support between 15-1/4 and 44-1/4 inches

Automotive Diagnostics and Inspection

  • General Purpose Kits

    Hendrickson fabricated bar pin adapter sets designed for use with Hendrickson equalising beam tandem truck suspensions. Come with a collet set, hex screw and washer

  • Tester Kits

    Includes OTC Tools cylinder leakage tester kits, UV detection kits, tech-scope kits, memory savers, battery testers and fuel pressure/temperature analysers used for virtually diagnosing vehicles

Automotive Maintenance Tools

Automotive Exterior

  • Exterior Automotive Accessories

    Includes automotive cylinder seal replacement kits designed to seal the gap between different parts of a hydraulic cylinder. Contain 2 Alemite grease fittings, an external retaining ring, a U-cup packing, a slip retainer, a wiper rod, a cylinder bushing and a retaining ring and nut

Automotive Lubricants

  • Fluid Evacuator

    Lightweight and portable fluid evacuators to extract or remove a wide variety of fluids including engine oils, coolants and transaxle grease from small engines, RVs, ATVs and reservoirs

Hand Tools

Pullers and Separators

  • Puller/Separator Sets

    Includes a wide range of OTC pullers in hydraulic, twin ram and locking variants. Available in different dimensions and load-bearing capacities

  • Pullers

    Designed to bear loads up to 25 tons and widely used for changing pinions, ball bearings and gear wheels. Available in different screw sizes for various pulling applications

  • Pullers and Bearing Splitters

    Ideal for application in areas where normal puller jaws cannot fit to separate bearing housings and to pull bearings off the shafts. Available in different diameters and screw sizes

  • Push-Puller Accessories

    Includes threaded adapters, puller leg sets, internal pulling attachments and threaded adapter sets designed to ensure damage-free pulling. Ideal for servicing and maintenance of heavy-duty vehicles, machinery and construction equipment

  • Push-Pullers

    Designed to install or remove press-fit parts, gears, pulleys, drive wheels, brake drums and couplings. Ideal for handling loads up to 7 tons

Sockets and Bits

  • Socket Sets

    Budd wheel socket sets, master Torx sets and pinion locknut socket sets comprising a standard tethering tool and sockets of different drive sizes. Feature an extra-deep design that allows fastening of nuts and bolts on a variety of truck transmissions and differentials

  • Sockets

    Includes a wide range of SAE and metric OTC sockets designed to remove both stud and nut with a single socket. Available in 1-inch (25.4 mm) and 3/4-inch (19.1 mm) drive sizes

Crimping Tools

  • Cable and Wire Crimping Tools

    Includes CrimpWell angled wire crimpers designed to crimp terminal or joint connectors to common soft wires of sizes 10 - 22 AWG. Have an angled design to keep the wire, crimper and connector in line

Prying Tools

  • Nail Pullers Wrecking and Pry Bars

    Heavy-duty pry bars with knurled handles for secure grip; can be indexed to 180 degrees for easy handling and multiple locking positions (up to 14) for different applications. Ideal for aligning heavy-metal plates and positioning / repositioning equipment

Inspection and Retrieving Tools

  • Hooks and Picks

    Use 2-piece O-ring / oil seal pick sets for removing stubborn or damaged O-rings and oil seals



  • Air Powered Hydraulic Pumps

    Ideal for use with hydraulic pullers and presses that operate at up to 10000 psi. Feature 2-stage release mechanism, an NPTF fluid port, an internal relief valve and a maximum reservoir capacity of 98 gallons

  • High Force Hydraulic Electric Pumps

    Used with single- or double-acting rams to ensure quick frame straightening and wheel alignment. Feature reservoir capacity of up to 2 gallons and can provide a maximum oil displacement of 45 cu. in / min at 10000 psi

Hydraulic System Components

  • High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders

    Ideal for truck / bus axle correction, vehicle maintenance and heavy-duty lifting. Feature a centre hole ram for push / pull applications that allow extensions of cables, screws and wires straight through the cylinder

Material Handling

Dollies and Movers


Traffic Safety

  • Vehicle Work Lights

    Rechargeable spectrum work lights featuring a magnetic base and an impact-, water- and slip-resistant housing. Can produce up to 4000 lux light output and come equipped with a 360-degree swivel hook that allows you to hang lights anywhere you want

Lab Supplies

Lab Instruments

Test Instruments

Temperature and Humidity Measuring


Machining Supplies

  • Hydraulic Presses

    H-frame presses equipped with welded frames ideal for bending, pressing & straightening operations. Feature an automatic lifting mechanism for easy lowering & raising of the press bed. Load capacity ranging between 25 and 50 tonnes


Motor Supplies

OTC Tool Company, a Bosch Automotive brand, offers professional fuel maintenance tools and electronic diagnostic equipment for applications in the automotive and aviation industries. The OTC Tools catalogue includes battery testers, tire pressure monitoring devices, pullers, bearing splitters, wrenches, sockets, infrared thermometers, suspension tools, fluid evacuators and hydraulic pumps. The brand's pullers are used to remove and install spare parts or components for effective, faster repairs. These pullers feature a quality steel and heat-treated body which can withstand the harsh industrial environment and are subjected to rigorous tests which exceed their rated capacity. The brand's Tech-Scope is a professional car diagnostic tool used to scan all the electrical and electronic components present in a modern vehicle. The tool features galvanic isolation to protect hardware components and a digital multimeter for measuring current and voltage. Choose from a wide range of OTC's puller devices and speciality tools, such as service jacks, hydraulic presses, engine stands, lifting systems, crimping tools and wheel dollies, on Raptor Supplies.