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Paint Equipment and Supplies

Paint Sprayers and Accessories

  • Spray Gun Accessories

    GoalEze side paint spray gun mounts ideal for striping / spraying around athletic fields and pavements. Feature spring assist design for quick and effortless striping

  • Striping Marking Machine/Applicators

    Baseball nail drags, drag king infields, drag mats, finishing brushes, infield drags and groomers, and layout systems used for striping and marking soccer, baseball and other athletic fields

Paint and Wallpaper Tools

  • Paint Strainers

    Designed to remove sediments like dust, dirt, clumps & dried flakes from paint before use. Fine mesh material allows easy pouring of paint into a 5-gallon pail, without spilling or tripping. Reusable strainers can be washed off easily with water. Available in packs of 5


Identification Products

  • Stencils and Stencil Sets

    Used to stencil bins, containers, football fields, parking lot stalls, runways, taxiways and other hold areas. Made of PolyTough plastic and available in different sizes

Traffic Safety

  • Pavement Markers and Pavement Marking Tape

    Suitable for preventing ankle / foot injury to a player with SafeMark field layout system. Made of UV protected PolyFoam to ensure indestructible marking system and prevent skidding or catching. Unique wing anchor provides vandal-proof installation. 10 replacement markers included

Safety Storage

  • Aerosol Can Disposal / Can Recycling System

    Newstripe aerosol can recycling / puncture systems are designed to depressurise aerosol cans for recycling, to eliminate & capture volatile organic compounds and to puncture & drain cans. These aerosol can puncture systems comprise a carbon filter to catch escaping vapours and can be easily stationed onto a 30- / 55-gallon drum. AeroVent aerosol can disposal systems feature a Safe2Vent dual drum filter with filter life up to 90 days and a Viz-a-Ball check indicator to show the operator when the cans are to be depressurised. The 3X variant of these disposal systems can process up to 3 cans at a time, thereby reducing the cost of unsafe waste disposal. These manually operated handle / clamp systems comply with OSHA, EPA, RCRA and California SB1158 regulations and are available in 1 & 3 can capacities. The brand's big squeeze pail & can crushers can apply force up to 13000 lb to reduce the volume of containers up to 75%. These crushers feature a safety interlock system that halts the crushing process if the door of the container is opened mid-cycle. Raptor Supplies has a wide range of these pail & can crushers and other aerosol can recycling equipment such as replacement cartridges, maintenance repair kits & can puncturing replacement filters.


Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Drag King infield drags suitable for grooming infields & base lines, leveling ridges and filling in low spots for playground maintenance applications. Two piece component design having reversible scarifier / plane blade for adjusting the surface depths

Air Compressor Accessories

  • Parts Kit

    Ideal for use with aerosol can, disposal systems. Selected models offer filter replacements, trough liner grommets, bellows & bellow clamps and cobalt points. Extension kits for roller extension also available

Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Automotive Maintenance Tools

  • Funnels

    Splash-proof, no-spill funnels ideal for quick and hassle-free filling of paint tanks. Available in 5-gallon flow capacity

Automotive Mechanical

  • Oil Air and Fuel Filters

    Feature check valves to indicate when the system is fully depressurised and safe to open. Designed to fit all aerosol disposal systems and available in different height and widths


Plumbing Hoses

  • Polyurethane Hoses

    Designed for replacing worn out / damaged hoses in line painting machines, used for marking in big parking lots, factories and warehouses. Flexible construction for preventing cuts / punctures from excessive flex / movement


  • Filter Cartridges

    Suitable for use with aerosol can, disposal systems & puncture devices. Integrated with coalescing element for capturing liquids. Feature fully replaceable design for replacing the used cartridges easily. Cellulose construction for high bio-degradability and moisture resistance

Material Handling

Casters and Wheels

  • Caster Wheels

    Rear casters featuring flip-down facility for painting perfect arcs & circles and offer flip-ups for making straight lines. Constructed with all-welded steel for structural rigidity while also resisting corrosion. Recommended for use with carts in warehouses


Recycling Equipment

  • Trash Compactors

    Air-powered, spark-resistant and heavy duty compactors ideal for industrial and regular use ideal for compressing drums and other containers for effective utilisation of space in waste removal. Available in different capacity and size variants

Lab Supplies

Lab Filtration

  • Filter Systems

    Safe2Filter, single filter assemblies for fitting manually operated, single aerosol can disposal systems. Contain relatively more carbon content than most other filters and come integrated with check valves to close the filter outlet, thereby preventing vapours from escaping into the atmosphere

Newstripe is a leading producer of pavement & floor striping equipment and can disposal systems ideal for field maintenance and marking. The brands extensive catalogue includes stencils, striping paints, templates, pail crushers & compactors. AeroVent systems by Newstripe are rugged aerosol can puncture systems made from arc welded steel and are ideal for crushing cans into scrap metal. These crushers feature a handle / clamp and Safe2Vent activated carbon filter for safe depressuring of cans. The handle ensures tight sealing of the chamber while carbon filters prevent vapour from escaping. They are available in a single or three can capacity variants, with AeroVent 3X having a unique tray design with quick change aluminium guides to allow cans of different sizes. Newstripe striping machines (4250 Airless by Newstripe) are designed for marking pavements and athletic fields. These compact and lightweight machines are equipped with an adjustable, 3000 psi pressure pump which sprays bright and straight lines (2 to 6 inch wide) without wasting paint. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of striping solutions, along with stencils for designing and painting unique designs.