Indoor HID Fixtures

Indoor HID fixtures are used inside warehouses or movie theaters requiring high-intensity lighting with optimum energy efficiency. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these reliable indoor HID fixtures from Appleton Electric, GE Lighting and Acuity Lithonia. These HID lamps produce more visible light per unit of power consumed than incandescent & fluorescent lamps and can be operated with both high pressure sodium & metal halide lamps. HID fixture reflectors are commonly used for directing light output to a concentrate light, thereby reducing glare of bay lights. HID ballast housing accept low-bay & high-bay ballast assemblies to provide continuously monitored voltage to high-intensity discharge bay lights. Selected ballast housing are coated with white / white polyester powder paint to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 149 degrees F. We also provide various HID accessories including 2-port cable, circuit selectors, clear lens assemblies, converters, drop cables, receptacles, glass refractor guards and mounting bracket kits.


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