AKRO-MILS Ultra Deck Series Structural Foam Platform Trucks

Akro-Mils VERSA/Deck & ULTRA/Deck platform trucks are used to transport loads in commercial & industrial applications. They have a low deck design for easy loading & unloading of heavy or bulky materials onto the trucks.

StyleModelCaster Wheel Dia.Caster Wheel MaterialDeck HeightLoad CapacityOverall HeightPkg. Qty.Price (inc. GST)
6"Polyurethane10 1/4"1000 lb.39 1/2"1 SGD 1,477.32
8"Mold-On Rubber12 1/4"1000 lb.41 1/2"1 SGD 1,377.75
8"Polyolefin12 1/4"2000 lb.41 1/2"1 SGD 1,303.35

Ultra Deck Series Structural Foam Platform Trucks

Akro-Mils V90 Series ultra / deck platform trucks are perfect for transportation of parts and supplies. They are made from HDPE-moulded structural plastic and have ribbed underdeck and steel reinforcements for durability and strength. These platform trucks have a non-skid surface to prevent unnecessary slipping of materials during transportation and bolt-on casters to avoid needless shaking of trucks. Akro-Mils platform tucks are available in 48 and 60 inch deck length variants with open or crossbar sway handles.


  • Akro-Mils VERSA/Deck & ULTRA/Deck platform trucks have a non-skid structural foam deck that is easy to clean and resists chemicals & environmental damages.
  • They have a steel reinforcement under their decks for superior strength-to-weight ratios.
  • The carts are equipped with removable crossbar swayback style handles having powder-coated finish for durability & easy portability.
  • VERSA/Deck platform trucks use jam bolts for holding the handles in place.
  • These VERSA/Deck platform trucks have four tie-down points for securing the loads during transportation.
  • ULTRA/Deck platform truck decks have structural foam ribs under them for additional strength & stability under heavy loads.
  • The platform trucks have swivel & rigid bolt-on casters for smooth manoeuvrability over rough terrains.

Standards and Approvals

  • ISO 9001

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the material of construction of the platform decks in these platform trucks?

These platform trucks have decks made of HDPE moulded structural foam.

What materials are used to make the casters of these platform trucks?

These VERSA/Deck & ULTRA/Deck platform trucks feature casters made of polyolefin and Pro-Tech polyurethane.

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